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Welcome to the Breakthrough Journal –

Your companion through each of your life journeys. This self-directed guide is designed to help you navigate the lessons God is teaching you, process your life experiences, and savor the lessons and “ah-ha” moments around one subject (great or small) in one place. One journal is meant to process a single circumstance significant to you. Keep a separate journal for each unique challenge or desire – great or small.

You will be asked tough questions. It is incumbent upon you to embrace the process. No one else can experience your breakthrough for you. Come face to face with your fears and doubts and win. Record the lessons God has been teaching you and live them out. See just how far you’ve come and keep going.

Use The Breakthrough Journal to sort and organize your thoughts, confront and tackle your spiritual blocks, and monitor how God is working in and through you. You will want to keep this journal close by; you never know when something might come up that you want to jot down. See how God is using even this together for your good and may the Holy Spirit minister to you and keep your head and heart abiding in Him.

Change is a process and requires some effort on our part. The Holy Spirit transforms us one encounter, experience and decision at a time. Some change happens right away; most occur over some time. The transition is so natural that you hardly notice.

This journal helps you to be an active participant in the work God is doing in you. It’s designed to walk you through one significant challenge. Use it to bare your soul to God about this issue. Record what you hear from God, the lessons you learn, and changes you observe in your thinking, attitude, emotions and behaviors. Add to it over time and go back through it to see what God has done.

One journal is meant to process a single circumstance significant to you. Keep a separate journal for each unique challenge or desire – great or small.

Going through this journal and processing the questions can become overwhelming. Take your time working through it. You won’t complete the journal in one sitting because your journey will not be complete in one sitting. It is not meant for you to go through every section of this journal every day. The purpose of the journal is to organize and maintain your thoughts and all the beneficial developments associated with this one part of your story in one place.

You may go through the journal out of order. Only add what is relevant. It’s okay to leave questions and sections blank. Events and “Ah-ha” moments come at different times. Write entries in their appropriate section when something actually comes up – ex. When you have a new question for God, you learn or recognize something new; a recurring message comes up regarding this issue, and so on. You may want to keep the journal close by; you never know when something might come up that you want to jot down.

I encourage you not to dodge the challenging sections. They’re not easy to go through but significant for your development. You may choose to set aside time to complete these sections when you have the emotional capacity. Or, take advantage of those moments when you’re overwhelmed with emotion. This journal can be your heart’s cry out to God. Be raw, be honest, be transparent. This is your book – your story.

The time it takes for an issue to resolve will vary. It’s not up to you or the journal. Just know that you will be mature and complete not lacking anything by the end of this circumstance, according to James 1:4. Read and reread your journal until your prayer has been answered, or this is no longer a concern for you. Use your own recorded words and experiences to refresh, encourage and remind yourself what God has told you about this. Underline, circle, highlight and notate your words. Look for patterns, cycles and repetitive thoughts. See how you’ve grown in this area, how God delivered you and stay the course.

The Narrative

Tell your story. Lay it all out. Be raw, be detailed, hold nothing back.


The Dilemma

Once the story is written, write out the actual problems. Take the time to process what is really bothering you, what you are afraid of, and so on.


The Desires of My Heart

Honestly lay out what you hope to receive from God as it pertains to this particular circumstance.


Take Captive Every Thought

Here you will face your emotions, capture the thoughts that encourage you and those that plague you and face your fears. Take your time here. This is an opportunity to explore your mental framework and expose root circumstances fueling your emotions and actions in the present.



These are the conflicting, contradictory, opposing thoughts that pop-up uninvited as you pray, dream, think or just go about your experience. They easily go unnoticed and, therefore, never get addressed. As a result, shadow-thoughts cast doubt, interfere with the genuineness of your prayers, and create blocks and barriers in your mind.


My Beliefs

Use this space to record more than your recurring or fleeting thoughts. Explore your thoughts and actions more deeply to reveal what you truly believe about this situation and God.



Throw off everything that hinders you. Lay it all out, let it all go and release those things that weigh you down. This includes ill-will, ill-thoughts and acts of sabotage towards yourself or others.


What Does God Say

Ever get the feeling God trying to tell you something? Have you received a true prophetic word or word from God in a way that you can understand it? Write out those messages here that relate or support you in this particular circumstance.


Questions for God

What are you burning to know about this situation? Rather than wondering, use this space to ask God directly what you’d like to know. Don’t forget to write His answers.



There’s nothing more inspiring than the word of God relating to your personal experience and coming alive in your life. Write those verses that speak to you about your situation. Let these be verses that inspire, encourage and help you keep hope even when times get tough and confusing during this situation. For lists of helpful verses, you may refer to my verses page on


Process Notes

Keep track of details relating to this journey as they unfold. Don’t forget to add the dates.


Revelations, Lessons & Insight

You’ll be learning a lot along the way – record notes, sermon notes, conversations, revelations, prayers and new developments relating to this one journey here.


My Personal Growth In This Area

Growth is happening. Each time you notice a development in you, your thoughts, prayers, behavior, etc., relating to this area, write it here.


Remember What God Has Done

Build a memory bank of what you have personally witnessed the Lord does. This is a place that will remind you of God’s goodness and faithfulness in the past, and help you move forward in the present.



Open your spirit. Write out any prayers and communication that you have with God on this subject. Continue to make your requests known.



Here you will step back and view the problem from the outside. If this problem existed in a perfect world, what would your wonderfully ideal Godly response be?



He is worthy of your praise. Keep a running list of all the things to thank God for. List the big and the small, the extravagant and the mundane. The holy and the common. Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely excellent or praiseworthy. You do not have to fill this page in one sitting but make it a point to add to this daily through your journey.


Images/Pictures God Has Shown Me

Sometimes words cannot describe what we are seeing from God. Sometimes He chooses to show us images. Us these pages to record any imagery God is revealing to you about this situation.


Free Write

This is a journal, after all, so there are several unguided pages for you to write whatever you desire about this subject. I included space for your sidenotes.


Mind Dump

Distractions will happen. Use these pages to record the random thoughts that exert themselves as you are trying to process through your present circumstance.


Issues For Future Breakthrough Journals

As you are writing. you may think of some other situations that you would like to process through. List them here and keep moving forward.

In Breakthrough Journaling Groups we take a six-week journey together through our Breakthrough Journal.

Each participant will bring one area of life in which he or she desires to experience a breakthrough. It’s great to process with friends, but your time can be as public or private as you want it to be. It’s all about how much you choose to share.

To start the journey, we’ll meet our fellow journalers, set the stage for our time together, get an overview of the journal and what we are praying to get out of our time together.

Along the six weeks, we’ll delve into certain sections and time will be allotted to actually write in the section(s) (or whichever section your heart leads at the moment). There will also be time to ask questions and pray.

Information regarding materials and expectations will be provided.

The Breakthrough Journal and journaling group is not meant to replace the help of a mental health professional. Please seek the counsel of a licensed professional if needed.

This is not an attempt to force the hand of God, an expectation for everything external to be fixed or make dreams and wishes come true.

This IS a tool that will transform us. It will help us walk through our journey with God, see Him at work in our lives, develop and cultivate trust in Him, and allow Him to shape and mold us along the way.

Join our next journaling session FREE with purchase of your Breakthrough journal.

Next Journaling Group: Sundays 8 – 9:30 PM, January 30 – March 6, 2022

Contact us for more information about private journaling groups.

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