The Breakthrough Journal


Your transformation experience with the Lord created and brought to you for you by you.

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The Breakthrough Journal is a process journal to carry you through one of your life challenges. It is a self-directed guide designed to help you navigate the lessons God is teaching you, process your life experiences, and savor the lessons and “ah-ha” moments around your one subject in one place. One journal is meant to process a single circumstance significant to you. Keep a separate journal for each unique challenge or desire – great or small. You will be asked tough questions. Take your time going through and answering them. You may go through the journal out of order. Only add what is relevant. Use this journal to sort and organize your thoughts, confront and tackle your spiritual blocks, and monitor how God is working in and through you. You will want to keep this journal close by; you never know when something might come up that you want to jot down. See how God is using even this together for your good, and may the Holy Spirit minister to you and keep your head and heart abiding in Him.




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